Latest Information: 1/7/2021:

Clovis North Boys Tennis Meeting on 1/12/2022 in Room 183 at Lunch (all new and returning players).  Bring your own lunch.  We will discuss topics such as important dates, tryouts, eligibility, etc.,  Please get a head start on this (if you haven't already), and complete the Athletic Packet Information.  There are TWO things you need to do in order to be cleared to tryout and be on the tennis team.  This is for ALL players (new and returning): 

1. Download the Athletic Physical (you take to your doctor so they can clear you to participate in sports:  Physical form for Doctor.pdf ( 

2.  Once you have Athletic Physical Form completed by your doctor, you will scan it and upload it when you complete the Athletic Clearance Packet Online: Permission Click

**CUSD has a service where you can complete your Athletic Physical for a $30 fee.  This is often a popular choice when a student's primary doctor is not available to complete their physical before Tryouts.  Here is the information:
Sierra Vista Children's Health Center:
Phone: 559-327-7976 (Call to schedule an appointment--Usually they can get you in for an Athletic Physical within 1-3 days).
Hours: M-Th 8:30 - 4:00pm
Address: 510 Barstow Ave, Clovis, CA